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This is why I love YouTube

I was floating around on YouTube the other day, mostly stream-of-consciousness searching and viewing. I stumbled upon the scene below from The Karate Kid, arguably one of the finest movies ever made. (Move over Orson.) A tale of triumph in the face of overwhelming hardship. Well, maybe not “overwhelming.” But it’s still an awesome movie.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. So I included the last scene from Blood Sport and a scene from The Transporter. One could never write a post about awesome fight scenes in movie history without including Van Damage. And Jason Statham? I just threw him in for good measure. Enjoy.

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Little Gordon Ramsay

Bob over at TV Squad posted about Caterer.com’s Little Gordon videos. Anyone who enjoys Gordon Ramsay’s shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares will like these videos. In other words, anyone who enjoys watching a blonde British guy cuss and yell at people who don’t deserve such treatment will love these videos. The kid is great. He even has some of the real hot-tempered chef’s mannerisms.

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