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Heroes: The Second Coming and The Butterfly Effect

heroesbwcollection8360(2)Heroes season three premiered last night. It was good. Leaps and bounds better than Heroes second season. The show suffered both the “sophomore slump” and the WGA Strike last year. But those two reasons aside, the writers made the unfortunate decision to add a bunch of new (crappy) characters to the show and follow them around (hello? the mascara twins. puh-lease!).

It’s seems from these first two episodes that the show is returning to its old characters (Claire, Hiro, Peter, Nathan, Matt, HRG, and Sylar). They kept the one mascara twin, presumably because the actress is extremely attractive. Sure the show has some other lookers, but Ali Larter hardly ever gets screen time and Hayden is like twelve. (Sidenote: It’s totally gross that Milo Ventimiglia is dating her. I read that somewhere. “Somewhere” equals Us Weekly or some other high-gloss publication. Extreme sidenote: It’s a little disturbing that Dooney and Burke gave Hayden her own bag. I guess D&B is going for the younger customers now that teenagers carry Coach and Vera Bradley bags.)

And now I’m sidetracked. Heroes was pretty good. It kept my attention.

Interesting development: Dr. Suresh finally has powers. These new capabilities include spidy-sense and an out of control libido.


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