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Goodhousekeeping Pet Costume Contest

I entered Thatcher in the Good Housekeeping Halloween Costume Contest. You can vote for her here. However, the contest is set up as random battles. I spent like an hour on Monday night voting and looking for the pug with no luck. She’s won over 850 battles though. If she wins the whole contest, Thatcher will be in the magazine and C.K. and I get a trip to Colorado.

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The Prime Minister

This is the perfect “prime minister” picture of Thatcher. She looks very aristocratic. She looks like she could run a country, definitely a small country like England (teehee). She might even be able to run Westchester. (The pug looks a little fat in this picture though. She’s really not fat. She’s just lumpy like that when she sits down.)
C.K. even did a drawing of the picture with PhotoShop.


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Picture of the Day

I love Photo Booth. There’s me as an Andy Warhol.

I prefer Lichtenstein but Photo Booth doesn’t have that option.


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A more authorly picture

JG said that my picture was good but I should look for something more authorly. A good piece of advice for sure. Can I say that C.K. picked the picture? As he put it, “you look very pretty and very married.” Aww. 

So I looked for something more authorly but I don’t have anything. I need something with my glasses on, maybe even sitting in an adirondack (sp?) chair. I just posted my favorite picture. I use it on almost all my livejournal posts. I like it mostly because the pug is in it. I *heart* my pug.

All this has got me thinking…what’s an authorly picture look like? I think I need to scour the bookcase for some answers.

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