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The Luxury Homeless

Anyone who’s lived in Santa Monica knows that homelessness is a big problem here. The super liberal government doesn’t do anything about it; to my knowledge, in SaMo, homelessness is a “lifestyle choice.” Whatever.

I guess that’s why every now and again you’ll see a homeless person with an item (or wearing something) that generally someone who couldn’t afford shelter wouldn’t have. Case in point: A homeless guy wearing new Uggs boots. And how about a homeless guy texting (or pretending) on a blackberry? I’ve also seen a homeless guy with an iPod and a homeless guy on one of those razor skateboards.

Perhaps this is a statement about how disgusting rich and wasteful some Angelenos are. If these homeless guys are getting these items from good will or dumpster diving, someone is throwing them away. I would never throw away a pair of boots that cost $200. If I didn’t like them, I would give them to a friend with the same shoe size. I would certainly give old boots to goodwill–but not new ones. And these were clearly new.

As for the phones, give it to a charity that can use it. Don’t throw it out. There’s cellphonesforsoldiers and another one (the name escapes me) that’s run by the police department. They give the phones to abused wives.


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Santa Monica WTF moment

I have a lot of WTF moments in Santa Monica. Oprah has “A-ha” moments. I have WTF moments. More proof that I’m not Oprah.

As I walked the dog today, she was about to poop when she got distracted by a homeless guy in purple hot pants (shorty-shorts) who sang “Livin’ on a Prayer.” At first I was pissed that he distracted my dog who is so fickle about where she does her “bizness.” But I couldn’t stay mad at someone who wanted to share Bon Jovi with the world.


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