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I started the actual second draft of North Shore South Shore last night. Well, let me clarify that: the first three chapters are in their third or fourth drafts because I’ve edited, added, moved around stuff for writer’s group or as per writer’s group suggestions.

Last night, I changed two major things. First, I fixed Ben’s first anecdote about Kylie and made more mention of Matt. After all, Kylie is just friends with Ben–that’s it. I can’t be building to something that won’t happen. Ben is such an appealing character that if the reader would root for him to be with Kylie. That’s fixed…I think. Second, I combined two chapters so that the scene where¬† my character meet at the elevator in CSU is one block. I had it divided but I think it’s better this way. I’ve been building to this scene for long enough. Plus, it’s the scene that incites the rest of the plot. The trial, Ben’s anecdotes, Kylie’s life as “Styles Baptiste”–they’re all spicy side-plots.

I feel good that I got to work on it again. Finally.


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