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A “Colette” Chapter

I’m almost done rewriting a Kylie chapter in the voice of her cousin and confidante Colette. Colette is my carefree party girl of the book. She’s the daughter of the head of a crime organization (the same person Kylie works for). She enjoys the perks of the lifestyle: hanging out at her father’s clubs, throwing parties for her friends, going out to nice dinners, lots of shopping, some college, and lots more shopping and partying. She rarely sees the side of the business that her cousin Kylie does as both Denis’s niece and employee. She plays a good foil to Kylie’s sober, temperant maturity. However, it’s Colette who shows Kylie that she’s being to hard on Matt and on herself. In between Colette’s many drunken quips and laid back attitude lies an intelligence and an unfettered honesty. She’s one of my stronger supporting characters.

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Revisions, Resumed

I started revising again. It feels good to get back in the groove. It’s amazing how far I’ve come (over 100,000 words and a completed story) and yet daunting because I have so far to go. The novel is in no way ready to be shopped around yet. I have some excellent connections but I don’t want to use them if it’s not ready.

Here’s what I’m playing with: no more 3rd person narrator and adding other narrators (namely adding Kylie’s love interest Matt and Kylie’s cousin Colette). That way I can just label all the chapters and hopefully they will blend into each other more seamlessly. Right now I’ve got Kylie, Ben and 3rd P. Kylie is the main character so hearing from her is important. Her decisions and what happens to her are the crux of my story. Ben is my strongest narrator–he’s funny, tangential, very Holden Caufield (sp?). His role in the main plot is rather secondary (a supporting actor if you will) but he gives a lot of background information.

If I added Matt, he would have to be much different than Ben. I think his voice would be straight-forward and a little brooding. I think his language would be more economical (the way he tends to communicate in the story). But, we can’t know too much of what’s going on in his mind because that’s half the fun of the plot–not knowing whether he and Kylie will get back together.

If I added Colette, she’d be female version of Ben. However, she’d provide details about Kylie’s life as Styles Baptiste, an employee of her infamous uncle.

Back to work…

This has nothing to do with my novel — RIP Roxy (my aunt’s awesome bulldogs whose farts smelled like aluminum foil).

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