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Ironic Much?

On Wednesday, C.K. and I met Reyna, the woman who will be coming weekly to clean our apartment. She was lovely and we went into each room together and discussed what needed to be done. I’m so relieved to have her. I’m completely compulsive about cleaning my apartment. It’s just always on my mind. Then I do it (either piecemeal during the week or on Saturday / Sunday) and all I can think is “all this has to be done next week again?”

But with Reyna coming each week, all that has changed. I called my mother to tell her the news. And wouldn’t you know, while I was on the phone with her, my mother’s cleaning lady calls and says she’s moving to Florida. Of course mom is freaking out. “I’m screwed!” she laughed as she told me what had just happened. Doubt Reyna will go all the way to Long Island though.


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Picture of the Day

We needed a new couch for our new place here in SaMo (my sleazy real estate agent name for Santa Monica). This is what we got. It’s from Bo Concept. The back folds down and it becomes a sleeper. However, it’s on back order. Grrr.

We didn’t get those hideous pillows either. However the glass nesting tables I think I will get at some point. They could be a windexing nightmare though.


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