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Praise for North Shore / South Shore

“Since I read a lot, you can tell quickly, who is a writer and who is a want to be writer. Even if a story might not be engaging to you or your style it is obvious who is talented and who is not. Again, with Kristin, you can tell that for a first book, she is no amateur. I think she is one to keep an eye on and I wish her great success.” –Joseph Edwards, Amazon

“This is a great story! Once you get into the characters, it is really hard to put this book down! I am from Long Island and went to one of the schools that the story is set at, so it is really fun to read about a place I am familiar with. If you like a good story with well developed characters, then this is a book you will truly enjoy!” –Christina Nelson, Amazon

The book also has a 4.5 star rating on Good Reads.

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