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Santa Monica WTF moment

I have a lot of WTF moments in Santa Monica. Oprah has “A-ha” moments. I have WTF moments. More proof that I’m not Oprah.

As I walked the dog today, she was about to poop when she got distracted by a homeless guy in purple hot pants (shorty-shorts) who sang “Livin’ on a Prayer.” At first I was pissed that he distracted my dog who is so fickle about where she does her “bizness.” But I couldn’t stay mad at someone who wanted to share Bon Jovi with the world.


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My dog owes me $130

Because $130 is what it cost to bring her to the emergency room late this afternoon. I took her to the dog park and she was playing and running around just fine. Then another dog (Willow, a bulldog) came and Thatcher started acting weird. She wouldn’t chase her ball and she just sat down and wouldn’t play. Then she started shaking and her tail was between her legs. I walked her home and the behavior continued. Lots of shaking and looking weepy and tired. I got scared so I called the vet. She had collided with two dogs today and I thought she threw something out of whack. But then I thought, this dog plays with much bigger dogs and has sustained many collisions. So I thought she might be sick. The behavior was just so unlike her. I picked up C.K. from work and we took the dog to the ER in West LA.

Turns out she sustained some soft tissue damage (probably). Maybe it was during the collision today or maybe it was one of the many times she’s jumped off the coach. But, it’s nothing some pain killers and anti-inflamatories (sp?) can’t cure.

So I say that she owes me the money because after all that acting up, she’s totally back to her stoooopid self. She’s barking like crazy. Jumping off the couch and bumrushing the door when she hears someone. AND…she didn’t even finish her ice cream with the meds in it.

I’m a crazy doggie mommy.


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Don’t we all feel this way at times?


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