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Let’s “social media” together…

You can connect with me using the links below.


photo-108Follow me on Twitter where I squeeze my genius into 140 character gems. My tweets are in the sidebar on this site.

Follow me on Instagram for pictures of my adorable children, their outfits, and their antics. There’s also the occasional picture of food and selfie because…Instagram. I also post amazing stories because my fans just want more.

Follow me on Snapchat for more utter ridiculousness. My handle is @khsample.


Like my writer page on Facebook. This page also has some personal stuff and is connected to my instagram feed. Follow the process of writing and publishing and keep up with my work. Connect with me on LinkedIn.


See what I’m pinning on Pinterest.  Check it out for decorating, style, and recipe ideas. Be sure to follow the pinterest pages for North Shore / South Shore  and Stagecraft.

Check out my favorite clothes on Polyvore. You may want to start a Polyvore account yourself. This site is addictive for people who love fashion. I spent the better part of eighth grade math class drawing outfits like the ones you’ll see on Polyvore.


Watch my videos on YouTube. There’s some choreography from shows I’ve worked on and fun videos of the kids.



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