Meet my family

Meet my family. Since I’ll be blogging about them, you might as well meet them. They are my favorite people. 

C.K., my husband

8374766737_850f70508c_bHe is from the deep South. But at the intersection of my Long Island fabulousness and his Southern uppityness is love. He is super talented. Check out his work here and here and here.

Likes: Hendrick’s Gin, his Xbox, drawing, music that you make with wires

Dislikes: not having time to draw, my nagging, people forgetting the punctuation in his name

Favorite Movie: Jaws

9467955972_e6635e621f_bJackson, my son

Likes: PB&J sandwiches, Legos, dancing in the kitchen

Dislikes: when toys are put back in the wrong place, not getting to eat multiple PB&J sandwiches in one day

Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons & “Kaylor Six” (Taylor Swift)

Favorite Book: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

15724541356_df36a2c616_oDarcy, my daughter

Likes: Ripping paper, bananas, our parrot Misha, bath time, looking fierce in her headbands

Dislikes: sleep training, poop diapers, dresses, wearing anything on her feet

Spirit Animal: Dragon

Favorite Song: “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor

img_0480Thatcher, my pug

Likes: barking at harmless neighbors, eating her own poops, taking naps, cuddling

Dislikes: playing dress up, being left alone

Long-term Goal: dominate all other dogs on the block

Short-term Goal: get food from the baby

IMG_0401Misha, C.K.’s parrot (a.k.a. the bane of my existence)

Likes: C.K., sitting on the laundry pile, fresh fruit, his enormous eyesore of a cage, seeds, cheese

Dislikes: having an anxiety disorder, me, when the pug barks, when he doesn’t get cheese

Goal: sit on C.K.’s shoulder ALL THE TIME

Me and Mug

Dr. Mags, my sister

She moved to Austin and became the caboose on the Sample family crazy train. We love her to pieces.

Likes: sleeping in, Austin food trucks, long walks in the park (<—she really does like to walk in the park)

Dislikes: studying for the boards, not sleeping in

Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter

“Desert Island” Author: C.S. Lewis (<–She made me add this.)

IMG_2999Curt, my dad

He retired from engineering just in time to help with the arrival of Darcy. He called himself “the Doula.”

Likes: Movies starring Dwayne Johnson, Scuba diving, doing favors for everyone, mowing the lawn, good scotch

Dislikes: Traffic, punctuation

11574787636_97eac54454_bMarian, my mom

She’s a fourth grade teacher who gets a manicure every Friday without fail and keeps an impeccably neat house.

Likes: Dominating in board games, her grandchildren, buying clothes, doing the laundry

Dislikes: any type of food that’s not Italian, a messy house, my unwillingness to iron any shirts

Cocktail of Choice: Cosmopolitan (She may not have invented it but if you ask her, she perfected it.)

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