The Minivan Question

I’m going to the Honda dealership tomorrow. I’m thinking of getting a minivan. Below is the Odyssey.

And this prospect has brought on a spectrum of emotions. The amount of space a minivan affords me is tempting. Plus there’s decent pricing. But I think we all know there is a direct correlation between leasing, driving, owning a minivan and losing coolness, sexiness, edginess. I can feel it ooze out of me even as I write this. Who knows how much “cred” I’ll lose during the test drive tomorrow? That is, after I ask the salesperson to help me move the car seat over from the Tiguan into the Odyssey. Maybe I’ll add some edge to my minivan by airbrushing some flames on the side. Or perhaps I can add some kitsch by hanging a pair of fuzzy dice from the rearview. Or maybe I will do this…


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