A Messy Room of One’s Own

livingroom mess
We’re back at our apartment in Westchester. It feels good to be around the old neighborhood again. I’ve been enjoying walking the dog around the quiet homes with their pretty flowers planted in front. I’ve been loving living right across the street from a market (not a supermarket, a privately-owned local market). Also across the street in our little town are an ice cream shop, nail salon, florist, Italian deli, restaurant, dog groomer, pastry shop, bagel shop, and a few other things. Not that we didn’t have convenience like this in Santa Monica — it’s just that here, we have convenience without the town losing any character or quaintness.

While I’m happy to be back–the place is a complete mess. I guess I should say “was a complete mess.” C.K. and I worked really hard to get everything reorganized and put away. All the clothing had to be put back. We don’t have those huge California closets anymore so this was a challenge. Then I put back the toiletries and linens (a bigger job than you think). The books went everywhere. We have a ton of books. That’s what happens when two people meet in grad school for English. C.K. did a great job organizing his office closets. And he even committed a mortal sin for geeks — throwing out old gadgets and wires. *Gasp*

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