Labrynith, Magic Dance

David Bowie: You remind me of the babe.

Goblins: What babe?

DB: The babe with the power.

Goblins: What power?

DB: The power of voodoo.

Goblins: Voodoo?

DB: You do.

Goblins: Do what?

DB: Remind me of the babe.

The power of the Bowie. What has Labrynith just taught us? That goblins ask a lot of damn questions and David Bowie should skip to the point. This is one of my favorite movies. It still gives me a good dose of the creeps (creepy in a good way though, not creepy-creepy like HBO’s Carnivale. Pause while we mourn the loss of Carnivale).

And I think I will forever be disturbed by David Bowie’s gray leggings and codpiece in this film.

I love when he throws the baby up in the air at the end.

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