So You Think You Can Dance (season four)

I’m so excited for Joshua, the winner of So You Think You Can Dance this summer. He was a brilliant dancer. Here’s his first routine to “No Air” choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. He’s dancing with one of the final four dancers, Katee. This was the last routine of the night when the Top 20 performed. By this time, I was ready to turn in. I thought SYTYCD had gone all Idol. The talent would be sub-par and the judges would continually tell us that it was the BEST. SEASON. EVER.

The latter happened time and time again. I really hate it when judges on those shows use superlatives (the best cast, the best hip-hop dancer they’ve ever seen, the best routine of the season). On SYTYCD, the judges have clear favorites and use a lot of their screen time to stroke the choreographers’ egos. Don’t tell me who I’m supposed to like. And stop saying how brilliant Mia Michaels is. The woman is certifiably insane.

While this season wasn’t as good as seasons past, it was not bereft of talent either. In fact, I think Joshua is one of the best and most relatable dancers to ever grace the stage.

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