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Stone taffeta gown

Priscilla of Boston

I was asked to be in my friend Tara’s wedding yesterday. I’m honored to be a part of her and Jay’s big day next fall. Furthermore, when asked about plans for dresses, Tara replied that she thinks she wants everyone to wear black. Ahh, bridesmaids everywhere would be grateful. Black–simple, elegant, and reusable. I think her choice will look very nice–black gowns and tuxes offsetting what is sure to be a gorgeous white wedding gown. I can’t wait to see what she chooses.

Cute Cowgirl: This is not to say that in past weddings I’ve been forced to wear anything I didn’t like. As a kid, I was in two bridal parties: my Uncle D’s and my Aunt Lisa’s. For Uncle D’s wedding, I wore a lacey shirt with a prairie skirt and cowboy boots. Oh yeah, it was a cowboy-themed wedding. I know that sounds suspicious but the pictures are fantastic. Everyone in hats, boots, belt buckles. Very cool. As a little kid too, I was psyched to wear cowgirl boots. And I got to wear a pretty ring of baby roses in my hair.

Wonder Years: Then I was in my Aunt Lisa’s wedding. Ah, the awkward tween years. Sixth-grader angst. The need to be cool. I was promoted to “Junior Bridesmaid” for this one, a term created for all the tweens in bridal parties to sell more dresses. I wore a plum-colored dress for this one. Looking back, the dress was beautiful. But I’d be lying if I said I liked it at the time. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the dress. I just really wanted to wear what the bridesmaids were wearing. And I wanted to wear my hair like theirs–big curly updoos and French twists. And I wanted to wear make-up like them. Awesome early 90s eyeliner and dark lipstick. They had fake nails with French manicures too.

taupe gown with diamond side piece

Big Wedding Party = Big Ball Gown: As an adult, I’ve been lucky to take part in two weddings. My friend Laura got married in August five years ago. She chose ball gowns with white corseted tops and canary-colored skirts. They were bright yet simple and combined nicely with her white gown. She has a large family and thus she had a large bridal party. I think if all the gowns were just yellow, they might have drowned out her dress. And who doesn’t like wearing a ball gown.

Great Minds Think Alike: Most recently, I was in my friend Kim’s wedding. She got married in October two years ago (I believe this Oct. will be her third anniversary). She picked celadon, a sage color, for her bridesmaids. The dresses were strapless with a gather at the side of the waist. Very flattering. Beautiful color. Even better were the mango-colored calla lillies in our bouquets. It was a nice contrast for the gowns. Incidentally, I picked the same color for my sister to wear as the maid of honor at my wedding. Great minds think alike.


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